Stories of Hope

Izabella Neira

Heart and Double Lung Recipient

Jesus and Krystina Neira have four daughters, MiaKrystina, Izabella, Jesubelle and Alynna, and they love being outdoors, canoeing and visiting small towns.

The Niera twins, Izabella and Jesubelle, were born three months premature, and Izabella’s condition did not improve. It was determined that she needed an organ transplant to survive.

At 14-months old, Izabella became the youngest person in Florida to receive a heart and double-lung transplant. The surgery took place at UF Health Shands in Gainesville. At 17-months-old, Izabella was able to go home for the very first time in her life.

“Organ donation saved not only my little girl’s life, but also our family of six,” Krystina said. “My life opened up to the possibility of real miracles. Receiving a transplant is the most invaluable gift from perfect strangers.”

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