Stories of Hope

Janice Williams

Kidney Recipient

For nearly 14 years, Janice endured dialysis treatments for kidney failure caused by uncontrolled hypertension. The daily struggle to continue her role at her family’s business, Starling School and Day Care Center, Inc., while feeling sick all the time put a tremendous strain on her physically and emotionally.

She was on the waiting list for a kidney transplant, but a battle with breast cancer further complicated the transplantation process by increasing Janice’s antibodies – which are important in matching an organ donor and recipient, as well as to the success of a transplant – making her wait for a suitable transplant even longer. A year and a half of treatments to lower her antibodies brought Janice the call she had been patiently waiting for.

“Having my life back because of my donor is a miracle and such a blessing,” says Janice. “I can continue my passion of interacting with the children for many years to come.”

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