Stories of Hope

Jasmine Rowe

Organ and Tissue Donor

Jasmine was a fun, free-spirited young woman who loved basketball and from an early age, she played on a team that allowed her to travel around the country and bring home numerous medals from the team’s winnings. She was also generous by nature and close with her family.

It was the influence of Jasmine’s mother, Stacey, who had registered as an organ donor when renewing her driver license, that led Jasmine to proclaim she would also like to give the gift of life should the situation ever arise, That’s why, when Jasmine was killed in a car accident at the young age of twenty-one, her family did not hesitate to carry out her decision.

Stacey, who is very proud that the entire family are registered organ donors just like Jasmine, said, “Her life was short-lived, but she enjoyed every second of it. Jasmine was loved by many.”

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