Stories of Hope

Julie Newhouse

Donor Mom

Terri was active in her HOSA program in school and helped organize a Donate Life campaign in her school. She understood the amazing gift the donation could provide and became passionate about educating others.

“Little did I know, eight months later our family would be honoring her wishes,” said Julie Newhouse, Terri’s mom.

In 2000, Terri was involved in an automobile accident that left her brain dead and her sister critically injured.

“Once we were informed by the physician of her condition, we knew what our next step would be. Terri was able to give four people a second chance at life. Thinking of these people who are alive today because of Terri’s tremendous kindness gives us great comfort. Her spirit lives on in each and every one of them. We could not be more proud of Terri – she gave the ultimate gift.”

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