Stories of Hope

Justyn Meyer


When Donna Askew’s son, Justyn Meyer, got his driver license, he registered as an organ donor.

“He looked at me when he was asked if he wanted to be an organ donor, and I told him it was his decision,” Donna said. “He registered on his own.”

When Justyn was just 21 years old, he was killed in a tragic car accident in Ocala.

Justyn generously donated five organs to recipients ranging from 26 to 61 years old, and he enhanced many more lives through tissue and cornea donation.

“After Justyn passed away, I registered as a donor,” Donna said. “I had been one of the people who didn’t want to, but after he passed, I saw how much good it can do to donate. I’ve had multiple family members register since Justyn’s death. They’re amazed with how many people donation can help and save.”

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