Stories of Hope

Kimberly Morales

Organ Donor

Kimberly Morales was the youngest of four siblings. She was sassy, determined and as her mother described, “spoiled by all.”

On January 20, 2019, Kimberly was involved in an ATV accident while visiting her best friend’s house in Williston, Florida. Three days later, she was declared brain dead. Kimberly was 9 years old.

Though the Morales family experienced an enormous tragedy, they knew what they wanted Kimberly’s legacy to be: a hero who generously gave the Gift of Life.

“Kimberly had a huge heart,” Sherry Morales, Kimberly’s mother, said. “She gave to everyone. She gave other kids who didn’t have as many toys. She bought ice cream for kids at school. Kimberly gave, gave, gave. And her heart saved a little girl’s life.”

On January 27, Kimberly saved four lives as an organ donor. She donated both her kidneys, her liver and her heart. She would also donate tissue and her cornea, enhancing the lives of dozens more people.

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