Stories of Hope


Cornea Donor

Kristin was a beautiful baby with big brown eyes but she was born with very poor vision. Behind her thick glasses, Kristin had a keen sensitivity to the needs of others and a desire to extend kindness and generosity to everyone she knew. She sang in choirs, performed in school productions and went on to become a teacher – delighting her students with her dramatic presentations and zany costumes. In her last few years, she found great joy teaching her special needs students.

Kristin was positive, gracious, giving and was filled with love and compassion for everyone. Upon her death, she was able to donate her corneas, tissue and organs to those in need.

The most amazing gift of all is that the very eyes that failed Kristin were the eyes that gave sight to two recipients.

Without a referral from a nurse in a hospital, donation would not happen. Thank you to all nurses and hospital staff for the care and support you provide in making donation and transplant possible.

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